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T'ai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung, Community Music, Massage

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I am fully insured with Embody and have an enhanced DBS Check


Massage can be very beneficial for children, research shows that it can reduce anxiety and improve behaviour in children and is useful for children with ADHD. I am very happy to treat supervised children. I give 30 minute treatments for children over 3 and under 18 years old, through clothing and only in the presence of a parent or guardian. For children with disabilities that are physical or health related, I would need permission from the child's GP before I can treat them.

I will also need to fill out a health questionnaire for my records during the first treatment, which will add an additional 15 minutes to the total consultation period, at no additional charge.

T'ai Chi Chuan

I can teach regular or taster T'ai Chi Classes to small groups of children (15 max) over the age of 4. Again, a parent or guardian must be present for the sessions. T'ai Chi Chuan is also an ideal exercise that can be adapted for children who have physical emotional or learning difficulties. I have experience working one to one with children with autistic spectrum condition who benefited from these exercises with improvements of mood and co-ordination. These exercises can improve general concentration, relaxation and coordination. Permission would need to be obtained from your GP if your child has health related needs.

Movement & Music

T'ai Chi based movement classes combine with music, for children age 4-16 including children with learning or physical disabilities. I can teach mixed groups or groups dedicated to certain conditions.

Price List

30 minute massage treatment - £25

T'ai Chi Chuan Session for Children's Group - £35 per hour

Movement & Music - £40 per session per group

T'ai Chi Chuan in Chairs - £40 per session per group

Individual class for a child: £35 per session (guardian has to be present)