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Musicians Treatment Program

Just as a musical instrument needs tuning and repair, your body requires maintenance to ensure performance of the highest standard. Musicians use their muscles with an intensity comparable to that of the dedicated sports practitioner and can similarly develop overuse injuries from posture and technique difficulties while they play. Regular care, work and attention to correct muscle use and posture is therefore an integral part of a healthy practice routine. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy can be an practical way to relax, release chronic tension, prevent and assist in healing injury. It is also an effective tool for increasing body awareness, which in turn will help to improve postural and practice habits that affect your muscular health on a daily basis.

The specific program for musicians, is a combination of Deep Tissue Massage treatments and postural exercises, derived from T'ai Chi Chuan principles. After the first couple of treatments it may be relevant for the musician to bring his or her instrument so that playing muscles and playing posture may be looked at in more detail. Exercises and postural ideas can then be incorporated into the musician's regular practice routine.