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Pulsing - Massage's Rock and Roll!

Pulsing CambridgePulsing or "The Tai Chi of Massage" is an holistic movement based bodywork technique and a type of shared playful meditation. Pulsing has the following benefits:

What happens in a pulsing session?

Similar to massage treatments, a health questionnaire is filled in and discussed for new clients. Pulsing sessions are conducted through clothing and usually on a massage couch. Accommodations can be easily made for people who have disabilities.

The session takes one hour and consists of rhythmic rocking, rotating, shaking, swinging and stretching movements. The movements may be conducted with the client supine, prone or side lying. The type of movements that are used are dependent upon the needs of the individual. If deemed appropriate, an individual may be given exercises to do at home to assist with their progress. Pulsing is equally beneficial to both adults and children. For children aged 4-15 sessions are for 30 minutes, and for children aged 16-18 sessions are for an hour. A parent or guardian needs to be present during the session for children under 18.

For more information on Pulsing please look at Guy Gladstones website.

Where I practise

Private classes and treatments available for small groups at Hartington Grove Friends Meeting House, usually the Penn room.

This clinic is wheelchair accessible. I also offer a home visit service for people who may have difficulty travelling due to a health condition, for which I charge additional petrol fees. I cover Cambridge, Linton, St Ives, Papworth and Huntingdon for home visits.

Pulsing Cambridge