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Move 2 Health at School

T'ai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung in your classroom - Information for Teachers

Studies have shown that T'ai Chi Chuan is very beneficial for school children, improving concentration, co ordination, posture, sleep, reducing stress levels and increasing body awareness. My own experiences of teaching children confirm the studies.

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Learning about T'ai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung exposes your classroom to other cultures and belief systems, thus widening knowledge of the world in general. Because T'ai Chi Chuan is so adaptable, it can be practised by people of all abilities and therefore may encourage children who do not normally enjoy sporting activities to take part in some exercise. For children undergoing tests or exams the tools that are gleaned from these arts are invaluable for dealing with exam stress and improving concentration at that crucial time.

I can teach within Cambridgeshire and usually teach children over the age of 4 and for groups of up to 20 children under the supervision of a teacher.

I specialise in teaching children with learning, emotional, behavioural and physical disabilities. For classes for children with disabilities, I recommend that there are no more than 10 children attending (to ensure adequate individual attention) with carers/ teachers present to supervise the class. I am also happy to provide T'ai Chi, Chi Kung and massage workshops for school staff who also may wish to benefit from a Move 2 Health session for themselves.

I am fully insured, have a first aid certificate, an enhanced CRB and have been fully trained by the T'ai Chi and Chi Kung Forum for Health for adapting T'ai Chi classes for specific groups.

Contact me to discuss taster sessions or short courses for your school.

Movement & Music

T'ai Chi based movement classes with a musical twist, for children age 4-10 and for children with learning disabilities.

T'ai Chi Chuan in Chairs

T'ai Chi classes for children over the age of 4 who are wheelchair users or have mobility issues.

Career Talks

Faradena is happy to give career talks to school children about being a professional complementary therapist and T'ai Chi instructor.

Price List

T'ai Chi Chuan Session for Children's Group - £40 per hour

Rhythm & Moves - £40 per session per group

T'ai Chi Chuan in Chairs - £40 per session per group

Individual class for a child: £35 per session (guardian has to be present)