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Sports Practitioners

Taking part in a sporting activity is an important aspect towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having a body in good working order. If you wish to enhance your performance and have that cutting edge over other sports players, you may consider Deep Tissue Massage and postural exercises as part of your training program.

The Move 2 Health treatment program for sports practitioners, uses a combination of Deep Tissue Massage and postural exercises derived from T'ai Chi Chuan. Problem muscles are targeted to combat chronic pain and help relieve injuries, whilst aches and stiffness as a result of exercise, are eased before they become more serious. Improved ways of moving are also explored so that you can be more relaxed, effective and move more freely within your chosen sport. Additionally, the meditational aspects inherent within T'ai Chi Chuan & Chi Kung are used to help improve your focus and concentration within your chosen sport.

Wheelchair Using Sports Practitioners & Sports People with Disabilities

For wheelchair users and sports practitioners who have a physical disability, the above program is available as the home visit facility, either at your own home or at the gym where you train, or you can come and visit me at the Hartington Grove centre which has some disabled access.

For sports practitioners with learning disabilities or difficulties, you are welcome to visit me at Hartington Grove centre or I can visit you at your home or your gym. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the Move 2 Health program for sports practitioners.

T'ai Chi Chuan in Chairs

T'ai Chi classes for wheelchair users or people who have mobility issues - £35 per session per group.